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Spalted Myrtlewood slab on reclaimed legs made from sexy 60's aluminum office chair backs + side table created from broken slab piece on old jack stand.

According to experts, Myrtlewood grows approx. 1ft in diameter per 100 years, making this unbelievable slab of wood between 300 and 400 years old before it fell in a wind storm on the Oregon coast and was salvaged. I purchased half of the tree and every single slab was this unique and gorgeous.

Spalted is a term for the mold that penetrates a piece of wood, generally after it dies, which gives it the distinct dark lines. Often, the spalting appears as if someone drew black pen lines throughout the grain of the tree.

Finished with food grade oil+wax, polished with beeswax.


Dimensions: 72x36x15


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